Modular interactivity – 2017
Hogeschool van Amsterdam

This interactive installation is a take on how so-called autonomous technology vyes for our attention

With voice technology coming to the forefront, we wanted to use that medium to explore how technology bombards us with notifications, ads, and sounds  in order to get us to interact with them and their products. This installation is a visual representation bringing out this perverse side of technology by humanising it - giving it an organic form and a human sound, trying to get the passerby to interact with it and changing colour with their touch. To go a step further, the modules are aware of each other: becoming jealous when the user interacts with one other than itself and trying to persuade them further to leave it and interact with it instead.

HvA Master Digital DesignHvA Master Digital Design

This is possible thanks to using a Wifi-enabled microcontroller (WEMOS) that communicates to other modules. The passerby is detected via an ultrasonic controller attached to each module. This triggers various states in the modules which then output certain phrases stored on their MP3 chip. The modules are covered with silicon blended with pigment and thermochromic ink then poured into a 3D printed mold, giving the module its colour-changing qualities and artificial yet organic form.