Learning with AR: Agora

Augmented Reality UI/UX – 2018
Hypatia Egypt

Bridging the learning gap for school kids using augmented reality

Agora is an app devoted to solving one of the big dilemmas of the Egyptian education system: the lack of applied learning. Grade 6-aged students are forced to memorise much of their curriculum rather than understand it. Agora aims to present the lessons in a way that is engaging and relateable, in a pace that is under the user's control.

In this project, my role was primarily as a UX designer; to plan research, to lay out the foundations for interactions and the flow of each lesson as well as the overall app and give recommendations to the look and feel.

Discover, Challenge, Reward: Creating a unified tempo for lessons

Because the topics are varied from sciences to mathematics to social studies, having a homogenized structure accross all the lesson units was important to keep the app together and create a sense of familiarity and expectation during the lesson progression.

Gamified Learning Goals

By picking up where the user left off and presenting daily challenges, the app takes advantages of gamification techniques to enhance engagement and create channels where users can be rewarded.

Explore tap-able items to see content on the AR screen 

Complete lessons perfectly from the first time or replay for perfect score

Play more lessons



Reward a target number of interactions, incrementally per trophy

Bronze – silver – gold rankings per lesson which changes the user’s level

Trophies rewarding number of lessons played

Designing a UI module for controlling objects in AR:  

This wireframe gif shows how this module can be the user's toolbox for controls: from selecting or dragging and dropping to measuring and scrubbing through values. The user can swipe through tabs or expand the module if additional information is available.