Matter Website Redesign

Web Design – 2019

A fitting representation for a leading middle east branding agency

Matter branding is an award-winning branding and packaging agency in the middle east, but their previous website did not reflect this. In addition, it wasn't clear for prospective clients what the agency's offerings are at a glance. Scoll down to see how the new website addressed these issues and became a step forward in showing matter as the industry leader it is.


Wireframes done at the beginning of the project

The primary target group for this project was prospective clients, and the secondary one was talent that could potentially apply to join.

The culture and working method was what separated this agency from the rest, so it was important to show a glimpse of this early on. Services were listed on the front page and on their own on the services page, relating each of them to existing projects in a re-usable module. Their social feed was also integrated on the website to showcase their involvement in events in the region and awards that are won.

Gathering information about projects for new business development was something that Matter wanted to streamline. At the time, a survey monkey link with questions for potential clients were used, but clients understandably found this cumbersome and opted for calling instead which was time consuming and chaotic. From a user experience standpoint, this needed to be fixed. Data gathering needed to still be there, but to be done in a way that brought a spark of joy rather than being tedious. I designed an interactive natural language form that can be adapted for prospective projects and talents. 

The project pages were designed as modules for a wordpress back end. Different image layouts could be added or removed. In that way there is uniformity across all project pages with enough flexibility to suit the needs for each project. Some modules were impact text information, double image layouts, single images, etc. 

In the old websites, there was a dead end for visitors at the bottom of project pages. To remedy the high bounce rate on these pages, I designed an automatic transition to the next project page.

Project Page SpreadProject Page Spread

Seamless transition while browsing through project pages

Interactions throughout the website should feel cohesive even on mobile

The visual direction of the website features striking, impactful paragraphs.