Rebranding – 2015
Matter Branding

Flexible corporate identity system for a software solutions company

Sumerge, a leading software solutions company whose clients range from the governmental to telecommunications and banking, were approaching their tenth anniversary and wanted their identity to reflect their values, innovation, and energy to their external audience and to create a sense of belonging and pride internally.


The brand needed to be adaptable to a variety of audiences. Internally and to like-minded clients Sumerge boasts its youthful and bold approach, but its visual language can be toned down when addressing governmental bodies.

Kurilpa bridge –

Analog to Digital: Tensegrity Structures as a Binary Medium

The visual language is inspired by tensegrity: structures that combine force, tension and compression to tackle challenging concepts and create function. They're made of struts and threads; a physical binary medium and a representation of binary - the primary language of computers.

This project was made with the involvement of a talented team of creatives during my stay at Matter.