WWF Delta Rangers

UX Research – 2018
Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Research and Design for a Location-Based Mobile Game for Children

The WWF Netherlands conducts conservation efforts in various areas of the countries, and aimed to familiarise younger audiences ages 6 to 11 in an engaging and memorable way. The concept of a location-based mobile game was born where the whole family can play together. As the team working on this project, we saw this as an opportunity to delve deeper into researching, making and testing a location-based mobile game prototype, with a strict process focused on quick testing and iteration and a scrum approach to working.

Narrative, Space and Scalability

While some games simply use space as a placeholder for the game, we wanted to use specific aspects of the place as narrative elements, becoming the main driver for gameplay in an elaborate story. Interviews with parents were conducted and A/B tests carried out to determine which narrative structure (linear vs. non-linear) performs better. They showed that kids preferred to run around freely and not adhere to a pre-set story. This was especially evident in the tests; kids often lacked the attention span to follow a quest in a setting where they had to walk fairly large distances.

The idea is to make Delta Rangers a scalable concept. We work towards a framework in which WWF areas and trails can be added over time.


Different Platforms, Different Roles

The user journeys takes place over two platforms: desktop and mobile. The goal is a holistic, seamless experience to the Delta Rangers world.

Interviews, Testing & Validation

Interviews showed that parents preferred to let their children roam to discover nature on their own. Memory-making, like taking pictures and videos were a main driver behind technology use during these trips. Parents in an urban area such as Amsterdam see a need for more trips that take children to natural areas, such as through outside programs. These insights were used to generate user personas, cases and journeys for research and planning and over the span of two sprints, we tested for specific KPI's.


game screens example

look feel-05look feel-05

Icons, look & feel